The amazingness in a house build via Stoke-On-Trent

Christmas will soon be upon us, and like everyone else; I can not wait! Can you blame me though?

What’s not to like about the Christmas time period though? The winter period in general, really.

Call  me strange but I love the cold, I love having to wrap up to go outside and tackle the below 0 temperature. I love the whole feel of it, and yes, I do love summer too but for different reasons obviously. I think we are blessed to live in such a great country like England that allows us to experience seasons, from cold to warm each year. Some countries are just warm all year round, or simply cold all year round. My opinion/theory is, it works so well because you don’t get tired or bored of the seasons, because they change on you before you can, plus you have to experience different temperatures to appreciate them for what they are. A quick link to a England door service.

Now, my point behind all this is, even though I do love it being cold, you always want a nice toasty house to come home too after being outside with a red nose and more than likely full of a cold. Here in Stoke-On-Trent, it’s very common for pretty much everyone to have a house like this, the reason being is, if the house is made well enough, you don’t need to fork out a load of money each month on heating bills, and the house will be plenty warm without with!


Doors Stoke-On-Trent

When it comes to insulation, most people assume if the house is cold it must be the windows, that they need to get better windows. To that I say, I agree, getting better windows has heaps of benefits, mainly for me the noise, if you getting double windows; it blocks out the outside noise; and if you’ve ever lived on a main street, you will understand how annoying it can be (granted, it’s been about 4 months now and I’ve gotten use to it (for now)). But my point was, no one takes into consideration about the doors! Just think of it logically. that that door wasn’t there, what would be? A MASSIVE GAPING HOLE! Windows are tight fitted, doors are on hinges; as obviously they are meant to me moved; open and closed etc. There for it offers a bigger change off letting air, noise etc and the cold winter nights back into the house of your lovely home. If you live in Stoke or surrounding areas, and you’re worried about this issue; like I was, i’m going to recommend the guy I went with, he was extremely helpful and friendly, he didn’t even replace my door, he just came round and saw if there was any way he could improve it! Thanks a bunch, and hopefully he will be able to help you guys too: Door fitting Company


Windows Fitting in Stoke-On-Trent

I mentioned windows quickly above, and I still stand by what I say. Even though the doors offer the biggest problems, if you don’t have the right windows just as much “damage” can be done. Plus, and this is a major key for me; as you’re well aware, the noise! It does two things. Not only does it keep the noise out from whatever ruckus is being made outside, but if you’re like me, a loud person, it keeps the noise in… So your neighbours won’t hate you when you’re screaming at 3am in the morning because you’re playing video games and something happened that you didn’t like. That’s probably just me? Well you get my point, it’s great for anything! Plus you can get some really nice window designs with a wide selection and they really can improve the look of a house a bunch (or as some people in the retail world know it as “curb appeal”, which is pretty obvious what that means).


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The art of the roof

Roof art

Hello, welcome to our early Spring edition of house art, and since you guys asked for it, we’re back at it again with the roof. So let’s get started!

We all double take and look again if we see a nice roof if it catches our eye. Sounds weird I know, but it’s true. When you’re outside again, keep an eye out on what you do; and you will understand what I mean. Having said this, what is it exactly that makes us do this?

Roofers Wigan
Roofers Wigan

Roofs within Wigan & Atherton roofing

We had a hell of a lot of requests to talk about the Wigan area, so that’s what we will do! Never say we don’t do anything for you guys 😉

Granted, Wigan isn’t the nicest place in the world, but it’s also not the worst. Having said that, this is why it’s  great place to talk about! It will populate the average person and so the average roof will be here!


Materials is everything.  You can have the biggest and most unique design in the world, but if you use below average materials (this includes labour), you can easily tell.

We can’t really help you on the materials part but if you’re in the Wigan area we can help you on the labour part.

Roofing services in Wigan they offer a fantastic services within Wigan and Atherton area, we highly recommended them, they will make your own roof look like a piece of art. That’s what you want right?

They know how to do it right, they are the most trusted and professional team of builders that a lot of people have recommended. We don’t want to talk about them too much, we just highly recommend them and we want you guys to have the best service so here you are!

Once again click here or check out their previous work here:

Thanks for reading guys, hope we have helped you out!

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The Roof

The final of our three posts, we hope you have enjoyed our warm welcome to the web world. Hopefully we have pursued you to become regular readers of our website. We will be posting about similar things just like this, next month will be about the kitchen!

The Roof

Cheshire Roofing
This topic isn’t covered as much as it should be, and we want to be the difference! Tell me, have you ever passed a house and the roof has caught your eye? Maybe because of the colour, material ect? Well that’s art then! It makes the area a better place as it adds character.

Cheshire, South Yorkshire, England, UK…

for example, they have a fantastic range of roofing in their area. If you just drive through the area you will see many different verities. Our personal favourite is Thatched Roofing.  in our opinion has the best selection of materials to use for your roof. They provide only the BEST professionals to give you a fantastic result, they are based in the UK, England. Their headquarters is in Cheshire, however the cover the whole of the UK! The reason, we are going on about these guys, is because, they see roofing as more than just a roof building service… They see it as an art form, which it is! They understand our passion, and they bring it into their work. So we give them our biggest praise, and if you’re ever going to get a roof in the UK, England, they will have you covered.


I really do hope you enjoy these posts guys, we are just starting out and we really want to make a good first impression.

PS: They also have a great deal on England, just giving you guys a heads up, if you live in the South Yorkshire area, England; grab yourself a deal. As you can see, we can’t praise them enough. We haven’t covered this area at all yet, as we wanted to cover our own area first. We hope to cover pretty much all the areas in the UK, so this is our little move, to get onto the topic of a different area (I know, smooth right?). So hopefully we will be bringing you some fantastic content, that will cover your area too; so it can personally help you out that extra more.

Until next time my friends,

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The Walls inside

So you’ve (hopefully) read our last post, and this one is as stated; about the walls inside your house.

As you can probably guess, there isn’t much to talk about when it comes to this topic. But we shall try! There are two main options you can go with when you’re doing your walls in the UK.

The Walls: Wallpaper

This can have both upsides and downsides. Firstly there are thousands of designs so you can the very one you like the most, and it makes a house feel a lot more homely. Myself personally I do really like wallpaper; if it’s use well. Less is more is very bold in this field. In Cheshire and England, this is a very true statement.

The Walls: Paint

This is equally, if not more, popular as wallpaper, as it’s a lot easier to use, there’s thousands of colours. And with wallpaper you may grow old of the design, with a colour (the it does happen) it is a lot less likely for this to happen. You would expect it to be the cheaper option too; however I would say both are about the same price, as paint isn’t as cheap as you would expect.


My own personal opinion, I like them both, together. If you have the chance, use both of them in the same room. You will be surprised the look you will create by using them both.

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The Front Garden

The Front Garden.

The Front Garden

As promised, here is our first post about our chosen topic. This will probably be our most popular post as a lot of people enjoy their garden; and it’s the first thing people see when they see your house. So, obviously you want it to look as good as possible!

First things first, having the perfect grass is a big deal, it sets the foundation for the whole garden; and it’s not that hard to achieve! You can go two ways about this. Option one: If you already have good quality grass, but it doesn’t looks as good as it should has in the past. You can buy grass greener and do it yourself! In any Garden Centre of maybe even some hardware stores in the UK, Cheshire, you can get it relatively cheap. It’s usually a spray that you cover on your grass, and let it do it’s work. Option two: If your grass has gone past the state of recovery, you can find a service online locally within the UK, England that will lay down new and fresh grass patches.

Once the grass is done, the next thing you need to add is plants/flowers/small tree. Myself personally, I’m a big fan of small trees in front gardens, I feel it creates a more naturalistic ibis to the environment. Fruit trees are perfect, apple trees ect. Anything you want really. Your local English, Cheshire and Kent Garden Centre can assist you with this. They have expertise in this field, so let them help you.

Finally, Just clean up the place, trim, make it look sharp and you will be surprised what a little difference can do.

Thank you for reading, check back shortly for our second post of the day, thank you.

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Your English Garden

Let’s get right to it! Since this is the first post by us; I think we should have a little introduction. As you can tell from the title of the site; we are an artistic website, mainly REAL art with homes and the landscape of your home. Each post we will be talking about specific parts of the home (this includes the exterior and interior). We will be posting 3, yes 3 posts in the next 24 hours; as a warm welcome! I want to to understand our style of posts, and I feel you won’t be able to understand how it us just from one post; so that’s why I’m doing 3!

The topics we will be covering will be:

The front garden

The Front Garden

The walls inside

The Walls

The roof

The Roof

We will be writing short posts about our own personal opinion, about what makes it into an art piece and hopefully you will appreciate your home that little bit more, after seeing the pure beauty in it!

So sit back, relax and enjoy! A warm hello from

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